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We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it. 

This purchase is governed by the following standard terms and conditions of sale for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet. Consumer purchases over the internet are mainly regulated by the Contracts Act, the Consumer Purchases Act, the Marketing Act, the Right of Withdrawal Act and the E-Commerce Act, and these laws give the consumer inalienable rights. The laws are available at The terms of this agreement are not to be construed as limiting the statutory rights, but set out the parties' most important rights and obligations for trade.











The agreement consists of these sales conditions, information provided in the order solution and any specially agreed terms. In the event of any conflict between the information, what is specifically agreed between the parties will prevail, as long as it does not contravene mandatory legislation.

The agreement will also be supplemented by relevant legal provisions that regulate the purchase of goods between businesses and consumers.

The seller is Equitanus,, +47 455 16050, org.n 925 561 274, and is hereinafter referred to as the seller / seller.


The buyer is the consumer who makes the order, and is hereinafter referred to as the buyer / buyer.

The stated price for the item and services is the total price the buyer must pay. This price includes all taxes and additional costs.

Additional costs that the seller before the purchase has not informed about, the buyer shall not bear

The agreement is binding on both parties when the buyer has sent his order to the seller.

However, the agreement is not binding if there have been typing or typing errors in the offer from the seller in the ordering solution in the online store or in the buyer's order, and the other party realized or should have realized that such an error existed.

The seller can demand payment for the item from the time it is sent from the seller to the buyer. If the buyer uses a credit card or debit card when paying, the seller can reserve the purchase price on the card when ordering. The card will be charged the same day as the item is sent.


When paying by invoice, the invoice to the buyer is issued when the item is shipped. The payment deadline is stated on the invoice and is a minimum of 14 days from receipt. Buyers under the age of 18 cannot pay with a subsequent invoice.

​We use Vipps, Klarna, Paypal and Stripe as payment methods and relate to their guidelines and terms.

Delivery takes place when the seller has sent the link to the webinar to the buyer. 

The item must be delivered to the buyer unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

The link to each webinar is sent out approximately two hours before the start of the webinar, the same day as the webinar. We remind you that it is up to each individual to ensure that the link is received and that audio and video works well on the individual device.

For privacy reasons, we are not currently allowed to record the webinars and it will therefore not be possible to watch the webinar in recording or replay.

The risk for the goods passes to the buyer when he, or his representative, has had the goods delivered in accordance with point 6.

The buyer can cancel the purchase of the item in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Act.

The buyer must notify the seller of the use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the deadline begins to run. The deadline includes all calendar days. If the deadline ends on a Saturday, public holiday or public holiday, the deadline is extended to the nearest working day.

The buyer can not use the Right of Withdrawal Act after the webinars end time or if the buyer has attended the webinar. 


The cancellation deadline is considered complied with if notification is sent before the expiry of the deadline. The buyer has the burden of proving that the right of withdrawal has been exercised, and the notification should therefore be made in writing (right of withdrawal form, e-mail or letter).


The cancellation period begins to run: When purchasing individual items, the cancellation period will run from the day after the item (s) is received. If a subscription is sold, or the agreement involves regular delivery of identical goods, the deadline runs from the day after the first shipment is received. If the purchase consists of several deliveries, the cancellation period will run from the day after the last delivery has been received.


The withdrawal period is extended to 12 months after the expiry of the original deadline if the seller does not state before the conclusion of the agreement that there is a right of withdrawal and a standardized withdrawal form. The same applies in the event of lack of information on terms, deadlines and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal.


If the trader provides the information during these 12 months, the cancellation period still expires 14 days after the day the buyer received the information. When using the right of withdrawal, the item must be returned to the seller without undue delay and no later than 14 days from notification of use of the right of withdrawal has been given.

The buyer covers the direct costs of returning the item, unless otherwise agreed or the seller has failed to state that the buyer will cover the return costs. The seller can not set a fee for the buyer's use of the right of withdrawal. The buyer can try or test the item in a responsible manner to determine the item's nature, properties and function, without the right of withdrawal lapse.

If testing or testing of the item goes beyond what is justifiable and necessary, the buyer may be responsible for any reduced value of the item. The seller is obliged to repay the purchase price to the buyer without undue delay, and no later than 14 days from the seller was notified of the buyer's decision to exercise the right of withdrawal. The seller has the right to withhold payment until he has received the goods from the buyer, or until the buyer has submitted documentation that the goods have been returned.

It is up to the individual participant to ensure that the link to the given webinar has been received well before the start of the webinar, and that both audio and video work satisfactorily on the buyers device.


Apart from sending the link to the specified address in the order, Equitanus has no possibility of influencing whether the link is received in the inbox, or whether audio and video work on the buyers device. As this is affected by external factors such as firewalls, security settings, capacity of the individual device and network, Equitanus has no opportunity to assist with problems according to the examples above.


Lack of the item will be unsatisfactory network from Equitanus or lecturer. If so this will be informed about.


Any complaint to the seller should be made in writing.


We also refer to the points in accordance with point 8. Right of Withdrawl. 

Complaints are addressed to the seller within a reasonable time, cf. items 8 and 9. The parties shall try to resolve any disputes amicably. If this does not succeed, the buyer can contact Konfliktrådet or the Consumer Council for mediation. The Consumer Council is available on telephone 23 400 500 or


+47 455 16050

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