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Delivery takes place when the seller has sent the link to the webinar to the buyer. 

The item must be delivered to the buyer unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

The link to each webinar is sent out approximately two hours before the start of the webinar, the same day as the webinar. We remind you that it is up to each individual to ensure that the link is received and that audio and video works well on the individual device.

For privacy reasons, we are not currently allowed to record the webinars and it will therefore not be possible to watch the webinar in recording or replay.


It is up to the individual participant to ensure that the link to the given webinar has been received well before the start of the webinar, and that both audio and video work satisfactorily on the buyers device.


Apart from sending the link to the specified address in the order, Equitanus has no possibility of influencing whether the link is received in the inbox, or whether audio and video work on the buyers device. As this is affected by external factors such as firewalls, security settings, capacity of the individual device and network, Equitanus has no opportunity to assist with problems according to the examples above.


Lack of the item will be unsatisfactory network from Equitanus or lecturer. If so this will be informed about.


Any complaint to the seller should be made in writing. 


We also refer to the points in accordance with point 8. Right of Withdrawl. 


We use Vipps, Klarna, Paypal and Stripe as payment methods and relate to their guidelines and terms.

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